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Blanca Ruiz is the creator of Chico Chihuahua.

Graduated in graphic design from Universidad Iberoamericana. Shwe worked as a freelance graphic designer for various compaies like VW de Mexico, UDLAP, State Government, Pelikan, and Centro Promotor de DIseno de Mexico. She won various awards like the HOW International Design Competition in the packaging category.

However, she always wanted to DO SOMETHING with cartoons, so a couple of years ago decided to start "playing " with Chico Chihuahua.

She developed a website, draw the first comic strips and hired some animators to produce a first series of animated postcards, which by now, are the animations that you see in the website. The animations were picked by PUEBLA TV and are being broadcasted.

IN 2015 she won an HONOEABLE MENTION at IDEATOON, a contest of animated series concepts.

By this time, she developed the first line of products with the help of local manufacturers in small productions.

She also employs other talented freelances to help her bring Chico Chihuahua to life in areas of animation, video editing, law.

All that you see here is product of her imagination. ON a fun note, the personalities of Pulga and Chico are inspired grately by close family members and herself. We wont tell you which ones.!


 The products sold in the OFFICIAL STORE are proudly hand made by qualified local artisans from her home town in Puebla city, MEXICO.

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